Want more from your photography?

Abe Khamis takes great pleasure in sharing his love and passion of photography through regular workshops. The goal is simple - to help each student create better images.

The courses below are run regularly and Abe is open to design bespoke training to suit your individual needs.


  • How to use your DSLR One-on-One Course (4 hours)
  • Photography Basics Group Class (4 hours)
  • Beyond the Basics Photographing Landscapes One-on-One Course (4 hours)
  • Post Processing Landscapes - Beyond the Basics One-on-One Course (4 hours)
  • Beyond the basics Photographing People Group Class (4 hours)
  • The human body - Fine Art Nudes Group Workshop (4 hours)

Enquire about how Abe Khamis can help you create great images that you will be proud of.